6 Bad Eating Habits to Ditch for More Energy Admin February 7, 2024

6 Bad Eating Habits to Ditch for More Energy

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue? Is your productivity so low that you literally can’t do any work? Review your eating habits first. We live in a food-driven world where unhealthy foods thrive and slowly kill the humanity. Unfortunately, chronic fatigue isn’t the only consequence of eating wrong. Obesity, heart disease, and even cancer are the other dangers. Here are the worst eating habits you should overcome to boost your energy level.

1. Added sugars

Sugar seems to be a number one public enemy right now. Fighting sugar cravings still remains an exhausting battle. If you can stop eating sugar, try to limit its consumption to a minimum. Ditch sugary drinks and snacks, use stevia as a sweetener for coffee and tea and instead of sugar in baked goods, and skip store-bought yogurts. Today, almost each food sold in the supermarket contains added sugars so read the labels carefully.

2. Eating out

Take-outs and restaurants always mean empty calories, tons of fats, super-sized portions, and drained wallets. We are a lazy generation when it comes to food. No wonder the older generations were more active and productive than the modern generation. They cooked at home and ate mostly healthy meals. Stop eating out and start making your own meals. You’ll instantly see your energy level increase.

3. Processed foods

Fatty and salty convenience foods contain zero useful nutrients and tons of preservatives and additives. When your body doesn’t get essential nutrients, its energy drops and chronic fatigue starts flourishing. Avoid highly processed foods and limit your consumption of low process foods to increase your energy and productivity levels.

4. Alcohol and energy drinks

While alcoholic beverages give your brain an energy boost, it’s a temporal effect. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and it causes mood swings that lead to low productivity and tiredness. Energy drinks provide the same effect. Moreover, they disrupt your blood pressure and heart rhythm, making you slow and sick.

5. Skipping breakfast

Can you drive your car when it has no fuel in the tank? If you don’t fuel your body in the morning, it will stop performing just like your car with an empty tank. No wonder you feel sluggish and unable to work productively. Waking up 10 minutes earlier to have your breakfast can make a huge difference in how energized you’ll feel throughout the day. Just be sure to fuel your body with healthy food.

6. Coffee

Coffee is zapping your energy. If you have to consume one the morning and/or afternoon and you can not go with out, this might me a clue that your body is self medicating for energy. It’s the most popular psychotropic drug in the world that regular coffee consumers crave more and more to keep their energy high. Although coffee gives you that pick-me-up effect you crave, it leaves you feeling more fatigued than before.

Your eating habits might be sapping your energy and making you chronically tired. Certain diet tweaks can change the whole situation and give you a permanent energy boost.

I know you have heard this many times but food is medicine! Your body does not know the difference, only what you put in your mouth. Example, if you eat a donut, your body has no idea what that is because it is not real food. Your body will perceive as foreign and start an immune response to deal with the threat. Eat for purpose and show your body how much you love it.